Unbelievably Easy DIY Shelves


I’ve been wanting to put some decorative shelving up by our fireplace for a while now but I wanted something that was unique as well as affordable. I found a way to DIY hanging shelves that is unbelievably easy!

To get started I took a trip to Home Depot to get some wood cut.The boards that I got had some imperfections so I used some wood filler to hide them.



I then drilled four holes in the corners of each board to thread the leather rope through. While I was at Home Depot, I also picked up some cup screws that I later spray painted gold.  I got the biggest ones they had but I really wish they were larger. You could probably find larger sizes online, but I’m not known for my patience.


I happened to have some old leather strings from one of my many abandoned craft projects to use. Before screwing the cup hooks into the wall I outlined where I wanted the shelves to be with painters tape. This helped me get a visual on what the shelves would look like with out drilling any holes in the wall. Although, it didn’t stop me from messing up and accidentally placing 2 hooks too low. Mistakes happen to the best of us!


To finish assembling the  shelves I simply threaded the leather rope through the 2 holes on each side and tied the bottoms to secure the ends.  Hang it from the hooks in the wall and voila!

Since I wanted to use the shelves for decorative purposes and not for heavy items like books, snow globes, concrete blocks, free weights etc. I wasn’t too worried about any support issues.


AND HERE’S THE FINAL RESULT! I really love the outcome. It’s a relatively simple DIY that ended up costing under $30. Score.

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